Your services are amazing, but your website couldn’t sell coffee to Lorelai Gilmore

You want to sound like yourself, but when you try to write for your business it sounds sound something like this:
  • A hyped up pitch, which turns into a stale infomercial by the end of the page (wait, there’s more!)
  • Ultra “professional” + buttoned up, offering solutions with ZERO personality
  • Chock-full of boring industry words (the same ones all your competitors are using)
  • A diluted version of yourself, not the charmer your clients fall in love with

If you learn how to bring your personality into your writing, you can use it to connect with clients, capturing hearts (and dollars).

And all you need to do? Change your words.

When it comes to changing your words, I’m here to help!

I’m Sarah, a creative copywriter who works with female coaches and creative entrepreneurs to craft copy that sells, with a side of personality.

Sarah’s feedback was invaluable. I have totally been winging it when it comes to writing all of this, but had not gotten the support that I needed up until now. She’s great at what she does!


Lifestyle Design Mentor, Kim Carroll

If you know what you want to say but don’t know how to communicate it, I’d recommend working with Sarah. She really tries to get into the client’s head, incorporates their point of view, and makes the copy fit.


Business Coach, Bloom Hustle Grow